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Thermal Printer Solutions


RL Solutions offer thermal label printer hardware form a host of manufacturers This gives us the ability to advise our clients on the most suitable hardware for the desired purpose. Calling on our vast knowledge and experience of thermal labelling hardware RL Solutions can specify, supply, install and support a wide variety of requirements and applications across many industries. Our knowledge of the marketplace means your solution will be tailored specifically to your requirements. We can take a standard package and make it work for you. Our customers specify their requirements and we deliver. Should a standard solution not be suitable our in house developers can work with you to create the exact hardware and software solution that simply works.


Our standard suite of professional label design software solutions are tailored so suit our clients requirements and budget. Ensuring the solution we provide to our clients simply work. Label production often requires formatting of input data. Our software solutions have comprehensive facilities for handling data including keyboard data entry, option lists, incrementing numbers and serial numbering. Where more complicated processing is required the macro script feature provides all that a professional user needs for custom data manipulation. If your label data is already contained in a database, the software lets you connect to it and present the user with a simple means of selecting records for printing. RL Solutions are the first choice for PC labelling regardless of printer technology: thermal transfer, laser, inkjet or dot matrix. Choose the printer that matches your requirements and operating environment. RL Solutions will deliver a package to suit.


The hardware and software are only a part of a complete solution. Ensuring the correct consumables are supplied requires expert knowledge of the hardware and label substrate being used. By understanding the clients label print quality and durability requirements we can advise and supply the correct consumables that will simply work and provide the right quality of print at the right price. Why is this important? An incorrect ribbon can give poor print quality and can force the user to set incorrect settings within the printer to achieve an acceptable print quality. On top of this the use of non approved media with some manufacturers hardware can invalidate the warranty of your hardware. RL Solutions understand the ribbon and label combination along with the manufacturers specific warranties and can advise the client accordingly on the right ribbon and label combination for each application and project. Saving our clients time and money.

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