Linerless Label Applicators

Our range of Linerless Label Applicators offer amazing cost savings on consumables when compared to standard labels with backing paper. This economical saving also greatly helps the environment as there is no backing paper waste going to landfill.There are many advantage to having no backing paper when printing and applying labels to products. Each roll of label material is far greater in length than standard backing paper labels resulting in far less downtime with smaller storage space requirements. Having no backing paper also equates to zero wastage from the labels.This new revolutionary and evironmentally friendly way of printing the labels is most cost effective and due to more focus on eco-friendly systems means far less waste is placed into land fill saving you money and helping to protect the environment.

The RL Linerless Label Applicator

The RL Linerless Label Applicator is a revolutionary new type of labelling machine which has something missing.

No Backing Paper

This amazing new way of printing and applying labels to products is a very cost effective and envirnomentally friendly way of labelling.The approved linerless material “PMH” consists of a matt BOPP film.This film is coated with a hot melt adhesive which has no solvent residue and provides a permanent adhesion. Being a synthetic material provides outstanding print clarity for thermal transfer printing which also can have a very positive impact on the ANSI grade.When this solution is used with a resin ribbon you can expect to have a high quality solvent reistant image that is not only hard wearing but also environmentally friendly.

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