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Transform standard ingredient
oatmeal bread (51%) (wheat flour, water, oatmeal, wheat bran, yeast, salt) soft cheese* (25%) (milk) ham, lettuce, tomato.
Into allergen highlighted ingredient

oatmeal bread (51%) (wheat flour,water, oatmeal, wheat bran, yeast, salt)soft cheese* (25%) (milk) ham, lettuce,tomato.

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Natasha's Law : Allergen Manager


Are you a food business looking to comply with Natasha’s Law and ensure the safety of your customers with food allergies? Look no further than Allergen Manager. Our software solution makes it easy for you to easily and clearly communicate allergen information for your pre-packaged food products. With Allergen Manager, you can easily update ingredient information, generate allergen labels with our user-friendly software. Don’t risk non-compliance and potentially putting your customers at risk – choose Allergen Manager to meet the legal requirements of Natasha’s Law and ensure the safety of all your customers.

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