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Transform standard ingredient
oatmeal bread (51%) (wheat flour, water, oatmeal, wheat bran, yeast, salt) soft cheese* (25%) (milk) ham, lettuce, tomato.
Into allergen highlighted ingredient

oatmeal bread (51%) (wheat flour,water, oatmeal, wheat bran, yeast, salt)soft cheese* (25%) (milk) ham, lettuce,tomato.

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NEW Allergen Labelling Guidance: Allergen Manager Software


The new EU rules on food labelling for allergens came into force on December 13th 2014 (EU Rugulation 1169/2011).This will affect any company labelling foods containing allergens. RL Solutions have developed an Allergen Manager application that can highlight the allergens within a provided database of ingredients automatically.This is acheived by searching for key allergen words and highlighting them according to the database or labelling applications formatting abilities.

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