Label Applicator Videos

Here you will find videos relating to the various label applicators we supply. ¬†Right Labels solution’s videos not only demonstrate the machinery but also the vast scope of applications we can apply our applicators to.

ALstep Range

Small Economical Label Applicators

ALbelt with ALstep M

This video demonstrates our ALbelt solution with an ALstep M label applicator. This machine has a Sato print engine integrated into the applicator enabling variable data to be printed onto the label including batch codes, titles, ingredients etc. The machine applies a partial wrap around label to a cylindrical jar then seals the lid with a tamper evident top flap. Although a plain white label is used in the demostration this system can also be used with full colour printed labels with or without the Sato print engine.

ALstep Carton Labelling

This video demonstrates our flat carton feeding and labelling solution with an ALstep label applicator. The carboard sheet feeder ensures that only one sheet of board or box is fed at a time. Once on the conveyor the ALstep label applicatior places a label at a precise position on the carton. An additional label printer can be added to this solution to add varaible printing functionality.

ALritma Range

Fast and Accurate Label Applicators

ALritma with pick & place feeder

Here we have a video of a pick and place solution for feeding plastic bags onto a conveyor for labelling. The bags are lifted one at a time by a pnuematic pick and place system. Once on the vacuum belt they are labelled by an ALritma label applicator.

ALritma plastic pot labelling

Here the ALritma labelling head is being used to apply a partially clear label to a plastic food pot. The label is greatly oversized allowing for the sides to be flapped down to seal the label on two sides. The labels for this application are being overprinted offline but the addition of an inline printer would reduce this overhead and improve production times.

ALcode Range

Print and apply label applicator for variable data labelling.

ALcode CD, DVD & Book Labeller

The intelligent CD, DVD & Book labelling system has a unique feeding mechanism that can handle products with a thickness ranging from 5mm to 50mm with an average line speed of 65-72 products per minute. Each item is individually fed, scanned, label printed and applied, then finally stacked in batches.

ALcode envelope address labelling

This application demonstrates our document feeder capabilities along with print and apply functionality. Combined they create an excellent example of variable data label application onto sheet fed products.